Less Grips more Hips

Less Grips more Hips

Last night, we had the pleasure of my Jiu Jitsu instructor Mr. Steve Miller teaching a great Gi seminar for our students at our Lafayette Academy. At the end of the seminar he was answering questions from the students and mentioned some closed guard concepts from Chris Haueter. It reminded me of a video that Blaze shared on Facebook a few days ago with Chris explaining how to use less grips and more hips in the closed guard. Here's that video:


Mid way of the video Chris says "Even if my eyes are closed, I can feel for the punch. Grappling is a feel sport, but boxing is impossible blind. You can grapple blind very well...and your eyes will lie to you. It's all about the hands and the head (control) in the old school" This reminds me of something Monica teaches our students often. She tells them that it's more important to fell the technique than trying to see the technique. Because most of the time you can focus better on feeling the weight shifting, pushing, pulling and breathing. 

So who is Chris Haueter? He's old school. He was one of the first Americans to earn a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu way back in 1996 from Rigan Machado. That makes him part of the BJJ Dirty Dozen (first 12 Non-Brazilian students to earn the BJJ black belt).Chris is also a former US Marine as well a highly respected Jeet Kune Do practitioner who directly trained under Dan Inosanto

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