Blue belt "Slater" tells why he started Jiu Jitsu on The Ellen Show

Old School 90's Saved by the Bell stars Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaa share a friendship along with jiu-jitsu. They are just 2 of the many Hollywood celebs who have recently found an interest in BJJ. Mario is a big fan of all martial arts and is often seen ringside at MMA events.

Recently Mario Lopez was a guest on The Ellen Show. The topic of working out came up and he explained to Ellen DeGeneres his passion for jiu jitsu and how he got started. Watch the video interview below:

"I've always grown up being attracted to the more physical sports, especially the individual sports. Just because I was always singing, dancing, acting or doing stuff growing up. So I couldn't really play the team sports. But I got into jiu jitsu specifically because of my son. He got into it and I wanted to learn along with him, and I thought it would be a bonding thing. It's great for discipline, gives you so much confidence and I love the respect factor in it." Lopez told Ellen during the interview.

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