BJJ is really 4 things

BJJ is really 4 things

“You must understand that Jiu Jitsu is really 4 things.

One: it is a philosophy that can be summed up by the statement ‘give to win.’ For example, if you make strength with your arms, then you give a point of leverage for your opponent to use against you. If you stay loose, then you deprive your opponent of that so by appearing to be weak, you gain strength.

Secondly, it is a system of teaching. It gives access to proper rules of human behavior, self respect, honor, discipline, courage, and so on.

Third, it is a therapy. If a man is too aggressive, it will calm him. If he is too weak or passive? It will make him stronger.

And finally it is a fighting system. Today in MMA people only concentrate on the last and ignore the first three. Jiu Jitsu is not an end. It is a tool for creating a better life. It is like my north.”
- Grandmaster Alvaro Barreto #teamhopkins

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