Karate student wins Soccer MVP

Karate student wins Soccer MVP

Congratulations to Parrish Anderson for earning the Daily Advertiser Sports Award for All-Acadiana Soccer MVP. He is one of our former karate students who always had good kicks! He was a natural when it came to karate and he's a natural when it comes to soccer.

The 2018 Daily Advertiser Sports Awards was presented by Lafayette General HealthIt recognizes and honors the top athletic accomplishments in Lafayette and Acadiana Prep Sports. This event took place on May 15, 2018 at the Cajundome Convention Center. 

The show featured various awards, contests and a special appearance from New Orleans saints quarterback Drew Brees.

"It was a special treat to have Drew Brees as a guest at the Sports Awards last night. A photo backstage with the athletes and a question and answer interview on stage. We've always had a rule "no balls in the house". About 10 years ago I told Ricky that this rule is not and will not be enforceable with this child. Instead I explained to Parrish that he could dribble the ball through the house but could not kick it. Sometimes he would forget and sometimes he would disobey 😠, but eventually he understood that we would allow him to keep the ball at his foot in the house as long as he didn't kick it. EVERYWHERE he went in the house there was a ball at his foot - from size 3, to size 4, to size 5 soccer ball. Parrish has been blessed with incredible strength, speed, coordination and agility. But the familiarity with the touch of a soccer ball at his feet cannot be overlooked in his achievements this season. Nor can his coach and teammates be overlooked. A team with a common purpose focused on the goal set before them, working together to achieve that goal is an athlete's dream." - Bonnie Anderson (Parrish's Grandmother)

Parrish had an amazing season this year, but it didn't come without setbacks. He missed his sophomore soccer season because he had transferred from LCA to ESA and it was considered out of zone so had to sit out a season. Then he alsohad to miss his 2017 spring club, fall club and high school season due to a ankle injury. That didn't stop him. While some athletes may have used the injury as an excuse to quit, Parrish did not. With focus and self discipline he was very determined to train and make a comeback. The same life skills (focus, discipline, respect, perseverance) that we teach in our kids karate class helps to build work ethic on any sports field. That work ethic helped him become the best player from the Acadiana area in 2018 and one of the best in the state.

For more info on Parrish, click on this local newspapers article: https://www.theadvertiser.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/03/31/parrish-anderson-esas-electrifying-goalscorer-named-all-acadiana-boy-soccer-mvp/476015002/



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