Master Sylvio Behring Seminar

Master Sylvio Behring Seminar

Master Sylvio Behring is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is the son of the prestigious black belt Flavio Behring. He started training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu when he was only four years old under Joao Alberto Barreto. In 1980 Flavio (Sylvio's father) enrolled his son to one of Brazil’s top Judo schools. After training under Mehdi he was eventually awarded his Judo black belt. 

Sylvio Behring received his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in 1984. Many years later he was promoted to red and black belt (coral), 7th degree, in 2008 by Grand Masters: João Alberto Barreto, Alvaro Barreto and his father Flavio Behring.

Master Behring has developed a unique BJJ teaching methodology that he calls the Progressive Guard System which is a unique series of self defense “techniques” that are used against common attacks while you are on the ground.

Master Sylvio Behring will be teaching a seminar at Team Hopkins headquarters in Hattiesburg MS on Saturday May 5th at 1pm. Contact Professor Hopkins for information about 1(601)818-2383

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