Is the Bottom BJJ Game Important?

Is the Bottom BJJ Game Important?

Saturday March 11, I had the pleasure of attending another great seminar taught by Professor Matt Strack. This annual event was hosted Team Hopkins Shreveport / Bossier City, Louisiana. Over 60 jiujitsu practitioners shared the mat working on techniques ranging from back bear hug defenses, maintaining distance with your legs and standing guard pass defenses just to name a few.

Prof. Strack made a good point when he said "You can get the average untrained bigger, stronger athletic man off the street, and he's able to do a fairly good job holding down and pinning a new jiujitsu student. But then put him on the bottom with a smaller trained purple belt and he can't get out." 

So, is the bottom game important in Jiujitsu?
The answer is undoubtedly YES!  Prof. Strack explained that Jujitsu is the bottom game. We need to spend time developing our bottom game. It's human nature to want to get the dominate top position, but sometimes you can't. We have to think with a defensive mindset, protect ourselves from strikes and be comfortable in uncomfortable positions from the bottom. While training with our partners at the academy, we don't have to constantly fight for top position. It's okay to yield to your partner. By allowing them to get a dominant position gives you the chance to work on defense: blocking, protecting, surviving and ultimately reversing to a better position. 

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