Why Mulan is more than just another Princess

Well, the ratings are in and they're not great. According to googles audience ratings summary for the new Mulan movie scored a 2.7 out of 5 stars. It was released back in September of this year, so people have had a chance to watch it and give their feedback. 

Like most things, the audience seemed to either love it or hate it. The reviews range from "a classic remake with gorgeous action" to "difficult, painful and agonizing to sit through 90 minutes of an overpriced remake." Well, you be the judge.

I watched Mulan with my daughter and she loved it. So I'm writing this blog post from the perspective of a parent. I choose to focus on some of the positive life lessons the story taught my daughter rather than dwell on any negative details that many critics are saying.

We came up with 6 Mulan Life Lessons:

1. You're stronger than you think.
2. Stand up for what you believe in. 
3. Everything happens in its own time. 
4. Don't be afraid to be yourself. 
5. Take charge of your own destiny.

6. You never know who might end up being a friend.


 She is one of the most selfless princesses when compared to others in the Disney lineup. She shows this by saving her elderly father from having to serve in the army again. This is a stark contrast to other fairy tales where the princess needs to be saved, instead Mulan is the hero doing the saving. Which in turn positively inspires girls and women of all ages. So maybe she happens to be more a warrior than she is a princess. It's important for girls to have inspiring female role models


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