3 ways Martial Arts help Raise Empowered Daughters

3 ways Martial Arts help Raise Empowered Daughters

Happy International Women's Day 2020. We wanted to recognize our female students by letting them know that they inspire us on a daily basis with their hard work and dedication. So, we decided to put together a short video. Watch our video below to see our very own female students explain why they train Martial Arts here at our Academy in Lafayette, Louisiana.



Unfortunately at some stage of a child's life they will be faced with obstacles. However, young women specifically face challenges that are different from boys. Martial Arts can offer a solution to some of these challenges. Here are five reasons why you should enroll your daughter in martial arts training today.

1. Her Sense of Self Worth Will Grow

If you’re wondering how to empower a girl to love herself and stand up to bullies, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than a martial arts class. From her first time on the mat, a young student is taught that she is a valuable person and worthy of respect. As she learns more martial arts skills, she’ll see her body less in terms of what it looks like and more in terms of what it can do. She’ll realize that since her body is capable of doing incredible things, it must be pretty incredible itself. The sense of self-worth and self-respect she will build will fortify her against bullying.

2. She’ll Learn Self-Defense

The unfortunate reality of the world is that women face a significantly higher risk of assault. Many martial arts focus on moves designed to work even when faced with a larger opponent, which is especially useful for self-defense, as many attackers are larger than their chosen victims.

3. She’ll Get to Socialize with Her Peers – Girls and Boys

Some studies, set in academic schools, have shown that coed interaction helps both girls and boys build valuable socialization skills. However, the same study also realized that by the time children reach grade-school age, they start to divide themselves: they sit with their own gender at lunch; they play in “girls only” or “boys only” groups on the playground; most of their friends are the same gender as them. Therefore, many girls miss out on the chance to socialize with boys, and vice-versa.

Most youth sports are not coed; however, martial arts classes do not divide participants by gender. It is true that martial arts is still a slightly male-dominated activity. However, more and more girls and women are joining. Your daughter will benefit from interacting with boys in an environment where mutual respect is the (enforced) norm.

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