Happy B-Day Dr. Kano AKA Mr. Judo

Happy B-Day Dr. Kano AKA Mr. Judo

Today marks the founder of Judo's 159th birthday, Dr. Jigoro Kano.  Born on October 28, 1860, in Japan. He died on May 4, 1938, of pneumonia.

Even though judo and jiujitsu have evolved and divided into different styles, we still respect our roots. Kano was a small boy who wished for strength. A friend showed him how jujitsu could allow a smaller man to defeat a larger one by using leverage. Kano was immediately hooked. 

Dr. Kano's 5 principles of judo are worth serious reflection as they're applicable to judo, jiujitsu, and to life generally.

1. Carefully observe oneself and one's situation, carefully observe others, and carefully observe one's environment,
2. Seize the initiative in whatever you undertake,
3. Consider fully, act decisively,
4. Know when to stop,
5. Keep to the middle.

What is Judo? Play this video to see:

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