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  • New Karate Kid series headed to Netflix

    New Karate Kid series headed to Netflix

    Cobra Kai has switched from YouTube to a new home at Netflix gearing up for the show’s third season. The previous 2 seasons will be available on Netflix later in 2020 so that fans can catch up. Season 3's Premier date has not been will be announced yet. ‘Cobra Kai’ picks up right where Karate Kid left off without missing a beat,” said Brian Wright, vice president of original series at Netflix. “The rivalry between Daniel and Johnny is one for the ages, and the show has a ton of heart and is a lot of fun. We can’t wait to introduce a new generation of fans to Cobra Kai and are thrilled to be its new home around the world.” ....

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  • Actor named to play Rickson Gracie on Netflix

    Actor named to play Rickson Gracie on Netflix

    Jiu-Jitsu black belt and 39 year old actor Actor Caua Reymond is set to play the role of Rickson Gracie in a new Netflix project titled "Dead or Alive". The release date is scheduled for the last half of 2021 and will bereleased in English, Portuguese and Japanese. Reymond has been training Jiu-Jitsu for almost 25 years, and a big fan of Rickson. He earned his BJJ black belt from Alexandre Paiva back in 2002.Reymond has appeared in numerous popular films and soap operas in Brazil. This story will be told by the Brazilian film maker José Padilha, known for the police thriller Elite Squad along with Netflix’s crime dramatization Narcos (which is set to launch ....

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  • Virtual Classes due to Corona-virus

    Virtual Classes due to Corona-virus

    Stuck at Home? Check out Champagne's Martial Arts Virtual Training Hub: We're not totally shutdown, we are going πŸ’» VIRTUAL. πŸ‘‰ How do I access the Virtual Training Classes? 1. Click your classes ZOOM link to access your class at the appropriate class time. Links are in Facebook Groups and emails. 2. If it is your first time accessing the link from your device, download the zoom app to your device. 3. Upon entering the Virtual Class Room, enter the name of the student that is participating in class so we can properly track attendance. 4. Now have a blast and get a great workout and interact with your instructor. πŸ‘‰ Will the classes be recorded? Yes! ....

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  • 3 ways Martial Arts help Raise Empowered Daughters

    3 ways Martial Arts help Raise Empowered Daughters

    Happy International Women's Day 2020. We wanted to recognize our female students by letting them know that they inspire us on a daily basis with their hard work and dedication. So, we decided to put together a short video. Watch our video below to see our very own female students explain why they train Martial Arts here at our Academy in Lafayette, Louisiana. Unfortunately at some stage of a child's life they will be faced with obstacles. However, young women specifically face challenges that are different from boys. Martial Arts can offer a solution to some of these challenges. Here are five reasons why you should enroll your daughter in martial arts training today. 1. ....

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  • Top Four Benefits of Working out With a Loved One

    Top Four Benefits of Working out With a Loved One

    There are few things quite like working out with a partner or spouse – a loved one of any sort. No matter the type of martial arts you both practice, there are some benefits to exercising together. We have many Families that train together at our martial arts academy here in Lafayette, Louisiana. From perfecting your technique to keeping each other motivated, you’ll find them here. Check out our list of the top 4 benefits: 1) You can keep each other motivated One of the most difficult things about an exercise regimen of any kind is sticking to it. You might be tempted to take one day off, and that leads to a pattern of skipped practices and classes. Working out with your ....

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  • 4 Week Spring Offer $89

    4 Week Spring Offer $89

    Hey Acadiana Parents ❗ We are doing something CRAZY for SPRING! πŸŽ‰ We are offering only 10 Kids spots to our Award Winning Kids Martial Arts & Life Skills Training Program! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ What's Included ❓❓ βœ… Realistic Self Defense Classes to Bully Proof Your Child βœ… Weekly Life Skills Lessons & Manner Lessons to help your child become the best version of themselves βœ… The opportunity to level up and earn new rank so your child stays motivated and excited We only have 10 of these 4 week Spring Offers So don't hesitate, grab your spot today by clicking the link ....

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  • 8 Ways to Start & Keep The Family Exercising Together

    8 Ways to Start & Keep The Family Exercising Together

    Craig and Dawn Reese have made an important modification to the one-car garage of their suburban Washington house: They’ve covered the floor with a layer of plywood and thick black mats. “That’s to cushion the blow when we drop our weights,” Craig, 44, says. The space is crowded with workout equipment. There’s a rowing machine, a ski machine and a power rack, to name a few pieces, and a tall heater for the colder months. Resistance bands hang on the wall. The couple has 100-pound sandbags and kettle-bells up to 70 pounds; Craig estimates that they’ve got 600 pounds in plate weights, too. The elaborate setup is a testament to the priority fitness takes ....

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  • If you can't beat them, join them. Starting BJJ at 70

    If you can't beat them, join them. Starting BJJ at 70

    Have you ever heard of Ron Van Clief? Old school martial arts fans may remember him as the kung fu action star in the 1974 "The Black Dragon" movie. Original MMA fans may remember him as the 51 yr old who fought Royce Gracie back at UFC 4 in 1994. That fight didn't play out for him as well as his movie did. Royce won that match with a Rear Naked Choke. Well, Van Clief decided to start training Gracie Jiu Jitsu with Royce's brother Relson Gracie. He is now 77 and currently lives in Hawaii and trains with his son. When Ron was 72 yrs old he competed at a BJJ Tournament in Honolulu. He later earned his Purple belt in BJJ under Master Relson Gracie. Ron started training martial arts in the ....

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  • How Much Do Martial Arts Classes Cost?

    How Much Do Martial Arts Classes Cost?

    One of the most common questions people ask when calling a martial arts school is:
    ARTICLE BY MICHAEL EVANS OF SKILLZ WORLDWIDE Any time one is considering a new venture, cost is certainly an important consideration. But, it is important to recognize that martial arts training is more than a commodity to be selected based on price alone. There are several factors that might affect the price of martial arts classes, and it is important to do your research to find a school that provides what you’re looking for at a price point at which you feel comfortable. Let’s talk about some of the common price ranges for ....

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  • Robert Downey Jr. uses Kung Fu to help Addiction

    Robert Downey Jr. uses Kung Fu to help Addiction

    Many martial arts enthusiasts already know about Joe Rogan's martial arts background because he often talks about it on his JRE Podcast. He trained Tae-Kwon-Do when he was young, earning a black belt. Then he eventually moved to the grappling art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, also earning his black belt. Joe frequently gives his opinion on the topic of effectiveness and efficiency between different martial arts disciplines, specifically Kung Fu. Explaining how it is ineffective for MMA and self-defense. In an old interview Joe says "These dudes have dedicated a big chunk of their life practicing this non-sense." Ironically, yesterday Joe had Robert Downey Jr. as a guest on his JRE podcast. ....

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