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  • Happy Father's Day to all those Jiu Jitsu Dads

    Happy Father's Day to all those Jiu Jitsu Dads

    Your Dad doesn't train Jiu-jitsu? Well happy mothers day to your Dad. Ha ha, just joking. We thought we would give a shout out to all the awesome dads who share martial arts with their kids at our Lafayette Academy. Jude Meche and son Mark Boudreaux and son James Palmer and daughter Tommy Cho and son Tommy Dauphin and daughter Daniel Larken and children Aren Chiasson and daughter Shane Gaspard and son John Champagne and children and all the other dads that train with us. Jiu Jitsu is a great way for dads to reach goals and improve their overall quality of life. Here are 7 reasons why dads train: 1. Practical Self Defense
    – ....

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  • Less Grips more Hips

    Less Grips more Hips

    Last night, we had the pleasure of my Jiu Jitsu instructor Mr. Steve Miller teaching a great Gi seminar for our students at our Lafayette Academy. At the end of the seminar he was answering questions from the students and mentioned some closed guard concepts from Chris Haueter. It reminded me of a video that Blaze shared on Facebook a few days ago with Chris explaining how to use less grips and more hips in the closed guard. Here's that video: Mid way of the video Chris says "Even if my eyes are closed, I can feel for the punch. Grappling is a feel sport, but boxing is impossibleblind. You can grapple blind very well...and your eyes will lie to you. It's all about the hands and ....

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  • Blue belt "Slater" tells why he started Jiu Jitsu on The Ellen Show

    Blue belt "Slater" tells why he started Jiu Jitsu on The Ellen Show

    Old School 90's Saved by the Bell stars Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaa share a friendship along with jiu-jitsu. They are just 2 of the many Hollywood celebs who have recently found an interest in BJJ. Mario is a big fan of all martial arts and is often seen ringside at MMA events. Recently Mario Lopez was a guest on The Ellen Show. The topic of working out came up and he explained to Ellen DeGeneres his passion for jiu jitsu and how he got started.Watch the video interview below: "I've always grown up being attracted to the more physical sports, especially the individual sports. Just because I was always singing, dancing, acting or doing stuff growing up. So I couldn't really ....

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  • Halle joins Keanu training Jiu Jitsu for John Wick 3

    Halle joins Keanu training Jiu Jitsu for John Wick 3

    The 52 year old female action star Halle Berry, has been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu for 5 months to prepare her stunts for John Wick 3 which opens May 17th. Along side her leading man Keanu Reeves doing about 3 hours of martial arts training per day. Keanu does a lot of his own stunts, around 98% of everything you see on screen. Keanu started training BJJ for the first John Wick movie. He trained with the Machado brothers (Gracie family cousins). If the fight scenes in part 3 are anything like the first 2, then we are in for a ton of Jiu-jitsu action. I n addition to learning martial arts and fun skills for the film, also had to help train the dogs seen in the movie. JOHN WICK 3 ....

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  • Old Dog Robert Duvall with New BJJ Tricks

    Old Dog Robert Duvall with New BJJ Tricks

    They say that age is just a number. Well academy award winner Robert Duvall backs up that statement. The fact that he's in his 80's doesn't stop him one bit. He and his wife Luciana are training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with Master Pedro Sauer. Hollywood legend, Duvall has been a regular at the academy and according to Master Sauer: “Is a super nice guy and tough as nails!” Duvall has also been seen training with Rigan Machado. Duvall has been nominated for 7 Academy Awards, winning from Tender Mercies. Also winning 4 Golden Globe Awards. You may also remember his acting in roles such as True Grit, The Godfather, ApocalypseNow and Lonesome Dove just to name a few. ....

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  • BJJ Stripe #2 for Tom Hardy

    BJJ Stripe #2 for Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy recently earned his 2nd stripe on his brazilian jiu jitsu white belt. The 39yr old actor started training BJJ with the Royal Marines back in 2011 to prepare for his fight scenes in the movie Warrior. He's also become an ambassador for REORG to help bring attention to combat veterans that suffer from PTSD. In case you live under a rock and you have no clue of who we're talking about. Tom Hardy is an Actor from England. His first role was in the film Black Hawk Down after studying acting at the Drama Centre London. Hardy has since appeared in many movies, including fighter roles in Bronson and Warrior, when his character's ....

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  • Why Summer Karate?

    Why Summer Karate?

    A great reason to start your kid in our Lafayette karate program is because it can help boost confidence and social interactions. If your child suffers from crippling shyness, team sports such as soccer should not be the first sport he/she signs up for. According to behavioral psychologists, the best way to encourage your child to get over his/her fears is to enroll him/her in a sport that boosts one-on-one interaction, such as martial arts. Martial arts allows your ch ild to shine individually without competing for field time. The more your kid shines, the more confident he/she becomes. Martial arts are very structured, and there are routines and techniques your child must master. Some ....

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  • Kick into our Summer Camp

    Kick into our Summer Camp

    We're hosting students ages 4 and up for three action-packed weeks! Your child can enjoy karate classes that are full of important life lessons as well as fun games. Our 2019 3 Week Summer Program will be held June 10-27 & July 9 - July 25
    and is open to NEW members only, so book your spot today!

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  • Joe Rogan explains Jiu Jitsu Benefits

    Joe Rogan explains Jiu Jitsu Benefits

    Most people know Joe Rogan for his comedy and UFC commentating. What people don't know is that he's a long time martial artist. He starting training Tae Kwon Do as a kid, earned his black belt and competed in many high level tournaments. He has a hard killer old school kicking style. He also currently trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and has been for years. He earned his BJJ black belt also. He also has his own podcast called the "Joe Rogan Experiment". He has many episodes that cover a broad range of topics explained by experts from each field. Joe often brings up how and why martial arts are good for people to train. Joe does a good job of explaining it but it's hard to put a ....

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  • Using Fitness to Launch you to Better Success

    Using Fitness to Launch you to Better Success

    (NewsUSA) – Your journey through life should begin with one simple question: “What can I achieve with better health?” “ Look 20 years ahead in your life, and you will know there’s no success without health,” says fitness expert Shawn Phillips, author of “Strength for Life” and “ABSolution: The Practical Guide To Building Your Best Abs.” “You can’t sacrifice your health for your success. They are interdependent goals.” Health and fitness can impact your life, relationships and business ventures. Physical fitness can increase mental and emotional health, giving you more energy and ....

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