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  • Like Father Like Son. Royce Gracie promotes his son to black belt

    Like Father Like Son. Royce Gracie promotes his son to black belt

    Khorny Gracie earned his jiu jitsu black belt this week from his father Royce Gracie. He is truly following in his fathers footsteps. He currently fights for Bellator in the welterweight division with a 2-1 record. He last fought earlier this year against Oscar Vera. Click on the video below to watch him win the fight with an armbar: ....

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  • First BJJ Seminar in our NEW Dojo

    First BJJ Seminar in our NEW Dojo

    Last night was epic! We had a chance to break in our new room with it's first Jiu Jitsu seminar taught by our instructor Mr. Steve Miller. It gave us a chance to get a feel for the new mat space with a larger group, and it felt great. Everyone had plenty of space to drill and roll with their partners. ....

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  • Father and Son share BJJ Tournament experience

    Father and Son share BJJ Tournament experience

    We want to congratulate Jude Meche and his son Gabe for competing at the AGF jiu jitsu tournament this past weekend in New Olreans. Jude won 3rd place and Gabe won 1st place in their separate divisions. They are just one of our many Father-Son teams that train jiu jitsu together at our Academy in Lafayette. The results of the competition are irrelevant in comparison to the experience that they share through their martial arts journey. ....

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  • Gracie and Dern rep Jiu Jitsu Royalty in UFC this weekend

    Gracie and Dern rep Jiu Jitsu Royalty in UFC this weekend

    This weekend on October 12, UFC is hosting Fight Night Tampa. Kron Gracie will go toe to toe with Cub Swanson, while McKenzie Dern returns to the octagon after having her baby. Her opponent is Amanda Ribas. Surprisingly, this won't be the first time Kron matches up with Swanson. Back in 2003 they grappled at the US Open, where Gracie won by points. The loss affected Cub so much that he stopped competing in BJJ and started competing in MMA. Watch the video below to see both Kron and McKenzie talk about their upcoming matches. ....

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  • Our Academy is Growing

    Our Academy is Growing

    Our academy is currently in the process building an additional training area. We anticipate it being finished this October. This additional mat space will allow us to offer more to our students. We teach students the importance of having goals. How to set short term goals, in order to reach bigger long term goals. This is an example of our Academy's long term goal being reached over the past 22 years of setting and reaching our short term goals. ....

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  • GSP transforms from Bullied Victim into UFC Champ

    GSP transforms from Bullied Victim into UFC Champ

    Those who've heard the name Georges St-Pierre know him as a Champion pro martial art fighter from Canada. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in mixed martial arts history. He is a 2 division champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship having won titles in the welterweight and middleweight divisions. What many fans don't know is that as a child, Georges St-Pierre was targeted by bullies, until his father put him in karate class, and GSP built himself into a fighting machine, and a UFC champion. The martial arts helped him learn how to deal with bullies and played a major role in who he is today. Looking into GSP's story, we found what he had to say about his ....

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  • kids karate end of summer bash

    kids karate end of summer bash

    Snow Cones, Pizza, Hawaiian Dance, Moana movie! What a way to finish a summer. The karate kids had a blast at our End of Summer BASH. We host events like this so our students can socialize with their karate friends outside of the regular classes. They are always a fun time. If you have a child that is interested in karate, click HERE for more info about our kids karate in Lafayette. ....

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  • 57 yr old starts BJJ loses 100 lbs

    57 yr old starts BJJ loses 100 lbs

    Dave Brown (now 61 years old) weighed about 300 pounds and was very out of shape before starting Brazilianjiu-jitsu. He was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure). His doctor told him that he was at high risk of having a stroke or heart attack. He attended a tournament to watch his 28-year-old son compete. He really knew nothing about jiu-jitsu and had no intention of doing BJJ.He was there to watch his son. However, as soon as he saw it, Dave was hooked and had to give it a try. Although he had wrestled when he was much younger, his main hesitation was if he would be able to do it at his age and physical condition. Dave signed up for Jiu-Jitsu ....

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  • Russell Brand now BJJ Blue Belt

    Russell Brand now BJJ Blue Belt

    Comedian-actor Russell Brand has earned his blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu this week from Kev Capel at RGA Bucks Academy in the UK under the Roger Gracie. Like many celebs, Brand has been an advocate of jiu-jitsu. Explaining his journey over the last few years in this martial art on Joe Rogan's Podcast. " I had to overcome my fear about getting smashed. It’s good to learn about how to channel your aggression. Life is struggle and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you how to deal with it." said Brand ....

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  • Chuck Norris gets Choked

    Chuck Norris gets Choked

    When you hear the name Chuck Norris, most people have a joke or 2 about how tough he is. For example, when the Boogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris. Everyone knows him as the movie star that fought Bruce Lee, the kicking Commando in Delta Force or the Law man from Walker Texas Ranger. But that's not his real name. It's Carlos Ray Norris. After serving in the United States Air Force, he won many martial arts championships and later founded his own school of fighting, Chun Kuk Do. Norris is a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian jiu jitsu and Judo. What many don't know is that way back in the day, Chuck was vacationing in Rio de Janeiro and was ....

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