Champagne's Martial Arts Reviews

  • If you have ever been interested in seeing what Jiu Jitsu is all about, and are in or near the Lafayette area, come on down to 1527 Westgate Road in Lafayette. We are one big happy family and that's how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. If you're looking for fitness, weight loss, or self defense training to make you the most CONFIDENT and FIT "You" that you've ever thought possible for the most affordable price around here, then it's definitely worth coming to check out to see for yourself. Coach John and his wife Monica are some of the most approachable people I've ever met and they love teaching so much that they'll let you try it out to see for yourself if it's for you (which trust me it definitely is!!) They'll make you feel welcome and a part of the family right away. They won't turn you away for any reason. I have finally found a gym I can call home and look forward to the many years I'll be dedicating to my Jiu Jitsu family. All that see this that go to team Hopkins Gracie jiu jitsu in Lafayette thanks for all that you do, and thanks for consistently being there for me if and when I have any questions. Today's open mat No-Gi was incredible! I always leave the gym counting down the time until I get to train again. If I feel this way, then I know any who wants to try it for themselves will feel the exact same way. See yall on the mat! Have a blessed day!

    °Pain and soreness are temporary, fitness is forever!
    - Jeff Kirkland

    Jeff Kirkland
  • Tiffany Landry-Nora, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    My first class was this past Monday, and I always complained about not being able to sweat at the gym. That changed in 30mins of just doing this class! I will definitely return!

    Tiffany Landry-Nora
  • Karla Prater Thibodeaux, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    My friends and I had a wonderful time at your Womens self defense class. I really appreciate you taking the time to show the proper techniques to defend my self. The way you showed the moves first then had me practice really made the teaching stick. It was very easy for me to catch on. I now know how to defend my self and have a new found love for Jiu Jitsu! Thank you!! If you are thinking of taking a self defense class I would highly recommend taking a class here!!

    Karla Prater Thibodeaux
  • Kathy Venable Broussard, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    I would recommend all my lady friends to take this course. I walked in there to shy to ever look anyone in the eyes and left knowing that is the wrong thing to do. They showed me that yes I can look someone in the eye and let them know hey I see you. What I have learned in this class is so much more then I ever thought possible to do. The instructors are top notch they know what they are doing and can show you step by step. I want to say thank you to Monica for all what you have thought us to do and of course a big shout out to my girl Tina thank you for all the time you took to help us learn these steps. Thanks to Wayne and Wendy cause if not for you I would have never stepped in there to learn all this.

    Kathy Venable Broussard
  • Beau Meche, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Started training with these guys in BJJ a few weeks ago and I'm hooked. They offer a fun, positive training atmosphere where the instructors put an emphasis on technique and position over brute strength and athleticism (which is great when the athlete can't move like he used to). The class environment is easy going, but non-stop and the students work to help each other improve. I highly recommend these guys if you want to learn BJJ and get in better shape while having fun doing it.

    Beau Meche
  • Jackie Broussard Hiatt, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    I took this class a year ago and just finished it for the second time. Amazing class!! I took it again in case I forgot what I learned, but realized I hadn't forgot what was taught. It was a great refresher and I recommend this class to every female I know. I feel safer with the knowledge they have given me and they have made me stronger mentally and physically. Amazing owners and amazing staff!!

    Jackie Broussard Hiatt
  • Stephanie Brasseur, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    I didn't realize how unprepared I was until I took this awesome self-defense class. Monica will make you so empowered and capable of defending yourself that you will wonder how you felt safe doing anything before. I absolutely recommend everybody to take this self-defense class.

    Stephanie Brasseur
  • Ben Duplechin, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Dropped in to this school today for an open mat and had a great time rolling with John, Monica, and all of their students. I highly recommend this school to anyone in the Lafayette area that is interested in learning BJJ!

    Ben Duplechin
  • Wendy Venable, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    I was extremely hesitant to take the self defense class. I was very nervous about being put in uncomfortable situations. This class turned out to be really great!! The class was totally hands on and not just sit and listen. All of the moves were broken down and explained step by step. Monica and all of her ladies and guys were great to work with. I would recommend that all ladies of all ages take this class!!

    Wendy Venable
  • Kourtney Stonicher, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    I highly recommend all my lady friends to take the self defense course! Its easy, fun, and simple step training that can help if ever a bad situation arises. The instructors are top of the line and really know their stuff. Monica, Tina, and all the helpers have the ability to break down the moves into simple steps that allow technique to outshine the strength of men!

    Kourtney Stonicher
  • Brittney Jesse Simoneaux, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Team Hopkins Lafayette is an awesome place to train. It has a very welcoming atmosphere with great students and amazing instructors.

    Brittney Jesse Simoneaux
  • Vanessa Pellerin, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    I had joined the women's self defense class not knowing what to expect. & what I found is I LOVE IT! I love it Soo much I am signing up for the women's jiu-jitsu class! I recommend every woman should take the self defense class.

    Vanessa Pellerin
  • Tricia Bergeron, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Self defense class is great! I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it! I will definitely take this class again.

    Tricia Bergeron
  • Jason J. Lewis, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Simply think your in shape until you try it. I'm proud to be apart of this team. Great group of people and awesome instructors!

    Jason J. Lewis
  • Aren Chaisson, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Wonderful Instructors. Safe. Clean. Friendly atmosphere. We are always smiling having fun and learning. So happy I found this school.

    Aren Chaisson
  • Jason Dinger, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great school with awesome instructors and a wonderful family of students.

    Jason Dinger
  • Shane M Gaspard, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great environment and instructors. If your thinking about BJJ go here!

    Shane M Gaspard
  • Laurie Beth Martarona, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great classes at champagnes martial arts academy. Check it out :)

    Laurie Beth Martarona
  • Wayne Venable, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    My kids have been going here for years and I myself train there. Best instructors you could ask for and great atmosphere. Very family oriented and you have to earn your rank it's not just give to you, so you know that you have learned your art and not just paid for a belt.

    Wayne Venable
  • Kara Fry, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    I signed up for a 6-week women's self-defense class at Champagne's Martial Arts and here I am 3 years later still taking classes there. I was extremely nervous to set foot in the co-ed jiu-jitsu class, but as soon as I did, I felt right at home. I had no prior martial arts experience (I am almost 35), yet John and Monica teach in such a way that make it easy to catch on to and they always go above and beyond for their students. If you want to learn self-defense and meet some really cool people (that are more like family), then I highly recommend this school!

    Kara Fry
  • Casey Breaux, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    John's attention to detail and his relentless effort to perfecting technique is an inspiration to everyone around him. His humbled nature and no ego makes it easy to learn from him. He is always there to help someone who is struggling whether it's on the mat or in life. Then you add the Team Hopkins Jiu Jitsu Association that he is apart of, which includes people like Steve Miller, Professor Allen Hopkins and many more amazing instructors and practicioners across the United States. Now you've got a school and an atmosphere that can not be beat

    Casey Breaux
  • Mike Collins, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great place to bring the kids! Professional attitudes and great staff!

    Mike Collins
  • Tate Hancock, Champagne's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great experience! Not too expensive either. I have been to several different martial arts classes in Lafayette but Champagne's martial arts academy was the best. Thanks for everything!

    Tate Hancock

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